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We are progressing to a future where sustainable practices are so important in every stage of the product lifecycle - it's our aim towards a better fashion system. We are more aware of just how damaging fashion practices are to the environment. Our collection is mindful of cultural appropriation. We want to nurture sustainable relationships. This means ensuring that the designs are used with respect and being transparent about every aspect of the supply chain. Connecting with an ancient art-form tradition through design collaborations, we are able to share the stories of age-old craft & tradition. In doing this we are empowering communities.


We have partnered with a Philippine-based social enterprise focused on elevating Filipino culture through contemporary and circular design to sustain livelihood.
All our pieces are hand-casted from recycled brass metals by the Indigenous Tboli community in the Philippines, using an ancient process called Temwell.
The modern Temwell uses upcycled local brass and transforms these metals into intricate designs. The transformation involves a complex process of wax rolling, clay molding, and molten metal casting that usually takes days to complete.

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We are part of a community and believe it is important we are transparent and open. Many brands incorporate similar ideals and we have tried our best to explain ours. As we continue to grow, so will this.


We have included a clear breakdown of our pricing on each product page. It is important to understand what you’re paying for.

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Supply chain

This one is a little complex as there are so many elements involved. Every product page includes the origins of the piece from the raw material and the artisan. Our partnership with one supplier at a time has meant transparency in the supply chain.

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For us to grow and make a positive impact, we will introduce improvement projects. We want to be accountable for our shortcomings. We are constantly researching and focused on improving as our resources grow.

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