Behind the Product

The biggest challenge in committing to being an environmentally focussed business in the fashion industry, is finding material that is eco-friendly. Most supplies have been created solely for human need in mind (particularly for cost-effectiveness), the environmental effects are a lesser priority, except where regulations have induced manufacturers/suppliers to comply with certain standards. Thus, some of our products contain plastics and other non-biodegradables, along with a host of unsustainably mined metals, synthetic chemicals, and other environmentally unfriendly components. The very last thing we want to do is to add to that. We hope that by being honest and open from the start and sharing information about ideal alternatives, we can start shifting attitudes that have lead to our primary options being toxic, and move towards more responsible and mindful resources.
   We want to be transparent as possible. This shows a cyclical progression of the relationships between our values and what's important to us. There are definitely areas that we would like to work on such as finding better options with the materials we use and also external factors that we have limited control over such as the environmental impacts of shipping. We hope to refine this as we continue to grow. 


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