Why buy from us?

1. Committed to ethical and sustainable practices

We're constantly evolving due to the time we place on researching and collecting new evidence on sustainability practices for our jewellery; using only evidence-based articles as our reference. Thus, we are confident in meeting these standards by ensuring we are reducing wastage and plastic use and all our jewellery are environmentally friendly.
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2. Affordably priced

Our amazing prices from being an online-only shop and thus saving on out-goings and from our bare packaging by using only recycled materials means we save on packaging costs.
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3. Eco-friendly material

We ensure that our suppliers are following strict environmental guidelines to produce our jewellery pieces. Our sunrise collection features materials that is mined and recovered with minimal ecological disruption and without the use of mercury, cyanide or any other hazardous chemical.
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4. Proudly Australian and a small business

for harper is an Australian jewellery label which launched in 2019. Solely owned by Christine who works full-time in public health research and passionate about initiating change in relation to  contemporary global challenges such as climate change and women and children's health; saw a gap in sustainable jewellery brands and sought to use this unique platform to promote awareness to the environment and our carbon footprint via a scientific lens. It has been purposefully crafted from the start.
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5. Giving back to non-profits

As a way of rebalancing, we want to maximise our impact by donating 5% of our net profit per month to nonprofits that can do more to make big changes than we can.
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6. Inspire change

We believe that small changes can make a big impact and we believe that we have a responsibility to raise awareness of important matters, particularly environmental and social injustices. We hope to use this platform to inspire system change.
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7. Here to answer any questions

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